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Monday, December 21, 2009

Stephen loves basketball!

Stephen is playing junior Jazz this year, and loving it!

Jazz game!

My parents went with me and Josh to watch the Jazz play December 14th. They played the Minnesota Timberwolves. It was a really good game, the Jazz lost by 2 points! It was so fun.... thanks mom and dad for going with us.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Cox Cousin Christmas Party!

This year Kevin and Sandra's family was in charge. It was Survivor themed. We had so much fun doing a relay race, making paper airplanes, and throwing them at a cup. We had to shoot bow and arrows at cups, and as couples balance on a log. Me and Josh were winners so we were able to pick from all the gifts after they were open and take what we wanted. I ended up with and Itunes card, and Josh picked a Nerf game thing. Sweet!
More cousins!

Ready for the relay to start!

Dad and Kolbie! AWWWW!
My parents tended all the kids for us
Max, Hunter and Ashley building cool things with domino's!Ashley and Kolbie eating treats!

BYU-UTAH game!

My brother Kenny was there with some friends!

Thanksgiving at Fish Lake!

Hunter, Shelby, and Ashley!
Tasha (hiding) and Scott eating breakfast!

Hunter lost this tooth Thanksgiving Day!

Hunter playing bloody knuckles with his Grandpa. Hunter only hit the counter a few times! OUCH!!

Playing the game Audra brought!
Group photo with the fish they caught!
The kids caught this fish with a snow shovel! Hahaha!

Hunter, Stephen, Britanee, and Kassidee!
Hunter and Britanee making the crafts that each family brought for the kids to make!
Ashley getting ready to go out and play in the snow!
All of our cars parked in front of the cabin!
Josh outside frying our Thanksgiving turkey! YUM!
Playing a game!

Grandpa setting up a game!

Stephen wearing Ashley's fuzzy socks
Watching the movie"Home Alone"
Almost all the Grandkids!