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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Muzzleloader Deer Hunt 2009!

Stephen and Hunter informed me that they helped their dad find this big deer! They are all so excited! Josh shot this buck up Ferron Mountain this morning. He was glad the boys could be with him. He said he made a lucky shot at 175 yards. The buck is a 4x4 with eye guards. His buck might have more mass.... BUT MINE IS STILL WIDER!!!! HAHAHA

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


After 4 days of fun at Lake Powell, we headed to Snowbird to stay at the Iron Blosam for more fun! Emalee wrestling Hunter!
We were watching the Steeler game and all the little kids run around the room!

We were not there for the Oktober fest this year. But, I always seem to get a picture of my kids in this. It was out where we were getting on the tram.

Grandma, Grandpa, Ashley, and Hunter! Riding the Tram!
Stephen and Kadee!
At the top, before we walked down the trail. It took us 2 hours and 20 min. My butt and legs hurt for 3 days!

We stopped to take a break and have a snack. Hunter and Ashley were showing us how you can play with your fruit snack. They had seen it on a commercial. Very funny!

After the walk down the mountain, we went to Mulligan's. We played miniture golf and hit in the batting cages. It was lots of fun!
Then it was off to Gardner's Village to buy hats! Grandma Behling, me and Ashley are going to eat breakfast with the witches on October 3 so we had to stop to get our own witches hats! Grandpa and the boys found treasures there too. Hahaha!

Stephen is so tricky!
Apparently the kids didn't get enough swimming and water at Lake Powell! They went swimming with their cousins!
This tube is their 2 year old cousin Brookelle's but they seemed to have more fun with it than she did!
Me and Tuesdee with all the Behling Grandkids except Brookelle! It was such a fun trip!
Me, Ashley, and Kolbie!
After all our fun at Snowbird we headed to Manti for Christine's Brial Shower! Can you believe that my little sister is getting married?!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Lake Powell!

We went to Lake Powell For Labor Day with Josh's family! We had fun! My kids were able to play with all of their cousins for the week. Hunter Striking a pose as he is going down the slide.

Ashley practicing her flips!

Josh and Hunter driving the house boat!

Josh riding Peter and Audra's new water toy!

The boys also tested it out! When they would crash, they looked like rocks skipping on the water. It was way funny!
Josh trying to gracefully land his front flip off the house boat!

Josh was watching the kids fish from on top of the boat!
Grandpa and the boys heading to catch lizards.... The lizards were too fast.
Grandma even made a great effort. The lizards had super long tails, and were like a blue green color. Crazy!
Stephen getting ready to jump off the top. He was so scared to do it at first, and then after one time he just kept jumping and jumping.
Ashley and Kassidee jumping off the back of the boat.

Me and Diane!
The little girls were watching a movie!
Kadee, Ashley, Zoee, and Emalee!
Tuesdee, me, Diane, Tasha, and Audra!
The kids building sandcastles! We had an amazing beach to play on this trip. There were very few stickers.

Hunter and Shelby are bonding!
Ashely, Brookelle, and Tasha!
Ashely taking a nap! She definately neede it!
Grandpa helping the kids get the fish in.
Hunter caught a fish off the side of the boat. They were using marshmallows, pancakes, and rice crispie treats.
Good job Hunter!
Water Fight!

Peter wakeboarding!

Asheley doing an amazing Karate kick off the slide! Hahaha!

Shelby loved eating the sand and drinking the lake water. She was so funny! We took her out in the water and she would stick her face in it and try to lap it up like a dog.

Josh and Hunter built a sand city. You can see the roads and fields they made.
This time the house boat had a nifty water sprayer to spray the sand off of our feet. We had to get after the kids because they used it like a toy. So I figured that I should get a picture of what Ashley spent a lot of time doing. Ashley would spray her feet off even if she didn't have sand of them just so she could use it.
Stephen gave himself a new name. Stever! That is is when he is being like a nerd. It was pretty funny. He wanted me to take his picture being Stever by the water. Grandpa had being being silly earlier in the day doing this, and Stephen wanted to give it a try.
The kids were striking poses on the way back to gas and dock the boat.

Trying to entertain the littlest kids while we were taking the boat back.

While we were waiting to take the boat back. Emalee was sitting on my lap by the captain chair. The was trying to open something with her mouth and I told her that was gross, and that lots of people had touched those buttons. I told her she might as well stick her toes in her mouth. I didn't really mean for her to do it but she did. It was so funny we had to take a picture.