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Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday Night Swimming With Cousins!

Jenny and I took the kids swimming at our new Emery County Aquatic Center. It opened in December. We have been without a pool for like 2 years waiting for this one to be built. I am so excited! I wont have to drive the kids to Price for Swimming lessons this summer.
Bailey and Ashley! They are getting so brave in the water, it's a good
thing they had their life jackets on. Ashley can do a backbend
in the water... She is very tricky. Ha Ha
Stephen and Max! When they wern't on the noodles
they were diving for rings on the bottom of the pool.

Brookelle and Hunter in the deep, they were jumping off the diving board. Hunter did some awesome front flips. Brookelle had 2 of her friends with her so he
might have been showing off. Hmmm.

Friends and cousins playing.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

We Love to go to Grandma and Grandpa's house!

Hunter, Ashley, Stephen, and My cousin Karls (pictured in the red shirt) kids Kevin, and Cort.
The kids are all ready to launch their planes. I'm so glad grandma's house has a cat walk that works so perfect for this.
The funniest things was wathching the adults try to throw the airplanes back to the them.
As a safety precaution we had to cover our faces at times! ha ha.
A trip to grandmas wouldn't be complete without a swim in the hot tub. All of the grand kids are in except baby Kolbie. From back to front- Max, Hunter, Brookelle, Connor, Dylan,
Ashley, Bailey, Stephen.
After they got out and had their baths we all had rootbeer floats. The kids made their paper airplanes and then the contest began.
I love this picture because it captures what we do when we all go home! HANG OUT! I love that we have so much fun just being togther. We all laughed hard wathching the home video of Kevin running for Mister Manti back in high school. I need to get the video and blog it. It is so hilarious!
There were lots of friends and exteded family members that stopped by over the weekend. It was so fun to see everyone!


My sister Christine, me, and my sister in law Janae
Josh went to the Henry Mountains for the weekend so I decided to go see my family. Christine came home from school. Later Kenny, Brett and their families came! We mostly spent time visiting and hanging out and chasing around 9 cute kids! Thank goodness grandma's house is well equiped to handle that many munchkins. There is never a dull moment!
The boys went trap shooting that morning and then after lunch went to play paint ball. Kevin had a bunch of friends over. It was so fun to visit his friend Scott Barclay and his family. His baby is so cute! Later my cousin Karl came over with his family.

Ashley took this picture! She did a good job and Kolbie is a cutie!

The boys made us breakfast! Pancakes, hashbrowns, eggs, and baccon. They WAY over did themselves.
Here is proof family.... Dad can cook! ha ha

Fun! Fun!

Kolbie is already for bed.

Check out Kolbie! Her cute bow is covering her eyes! Ha Ha I didn't even notice until I blogged this picture. She was so good to let us pass her around all weekend! We all just couldn't get enough of her! She is 6 weeks old now. She is getting long eyelashes, her eyebrows are starting to get darker. I think that she will have blue or green eyes. Thats my call!

Hunter is so cute and such a good help.
Friday night me, and Kevin were the only siblings home. We got to hold Kolbie a lot. My dad and Kevin took the boys for a ride on the T-Rex. It was really cold but they thought it was great.

Josh tries out his tent!

Josh wanted to make sure he had everything he needed to set up his tent. He took it to the Henry Mountains to look for shed horns over the weekend. He went with a few of his friends, they found 20 some horns. He said there were so many people, it was like opening morning of the deer hunt. I guess the trip was a success, they can't wait to go again.
The kids really want him to set it back up so they can camp out in it.
They think that would be so fun!

Hunter's Creative Art!

Hunter's class made these in school. He was so proud of it he wanted pictures.
He must have done a good job because his teacher asked for it. She doesn't want him to throw it away when he is done with it. She would like to use it as a sample for next year.

Look at those teeth! VERY SCARY!