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Friday, May 8, 2009


The boy's started baseball the first of April! We have had a ball game or a practice every night. Luckily they are on the same team. Stephen plays short stop, and Hunter plays first base when he is not pitching. He is a pretty good little pitcher. Stephen got a double play at his Wednesday night game. Good Job Boy's!!
Stay tuned.. Ashley started t-ball tonight. It should be good entertainment. She is on a team with her cousin Bailey!!

More Dance!

*Brookelle, and Ashley*
Thurday night was a busy night!
The little girls had dance pictures. Then all the groups did one dance
for us because they were already in their costumes.
Their final recital will be on the 28th. (I can't wait for may to be over.)
After that we had to go to their gymnastic show.
* Brookelle, Ashley, and Bailey!*

Ashley had perfect attendance and got a gift certificate!

Her grandma's came to support her. Thank you!


Hunter was asked to do a co-ed dance at a spring show with his friend Courtney. He did a really good job! They danced to the song "Momma Mia."

What a bunch of studs... They are waiting for the girls to come on stage.

Happy Birthday Hunter!

Hunter got so many gifts... Stephen decided to hide in the garbage.
Hunter turned 10 on April 21. He had a fun day! He had lots of family members come hep him celebrate!

Hunter got this cot! He tried it out with some of his cousins!

He was totally spoiled! I can't believe I have a 10 year old!!!