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Thursday, November 5, 2009


We went to Manti for Halloween. It was so much fun to dress up with my family and go trick or treating. We had a party! We had all kinds of Halloween themed foods. The kids decorated a haunted house, and ate lots of candy.

Stephen, Max, Janae, Kolbie, Kevin, me, Jenny, Hunter, Grandma, Ashley, Brookelle, and Bailey.

Kenny, Rachel and his family came to visit. It was fun for them to be able to go to our carnival with us.

Playing the Wii!

A big pile up of boys!

All dressed up for the carnival at the Elementary School!

Stephen with his class. He wanted to be a pheasant hunter!

Ashley and her friend Madison

Great posing girls!

For dance the girls had a Halloween party. Ashley is a cheerleader, and Bailey is a kitty!

Ashley took this picture of her and Bailey. I think it is funny!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Christine and Todd's wedding!

Christine and Todd were married on October 9th in the Manti Temple.

Cutting the cake!

The little girls eating the refreshments!

My Brother Keving and his baby Kolbie!

My handsome hubby Josh!

Helpers in the Kitchen!

Arriving at the the house after their carriage ride! We were all blowing bubbles!

Ashley, Bailey, Brett, and Kenny!

The kids played computer games between the wedding and the reception!

Josh, Ashley, and Kenny!

Diane, My mom and Janae! We had lunch at the house after the temple!

Ashley and Josh have their mouths full of yummy food!

Pictures at the Temple!

Rache, Jenny, Janae, Chritine, me, Sarah, and Brittany!

All of the beautiful nieces!

All of the handsome nephews!

Ashley and Bailey helping with the dress!

Connor thought her was Spider Man and was trying to climb the wall at the temple. So funny!

Jenny, Me, Janae, and Rachel!

Me and Josh!
Hunter and Janae dancing at the dinner at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building!
Bailey and Hunter dancing!
The soon to be married couple dancing their first dance!
All the girls!

Flag Football!

The boy's had a really good season!
Their team took 2nd place at the Emery County Super Bowl!
Stephen and Hunter!

Ashley and Me-trying to stay warm!
Colten and Stephen!
The fans!
Grandma and Grandpa Behling came to FREEZE and watch football with us! It was a good thing for us. We were practicing being cold. Josh, Steve, Diane, and I are heading to Denver to watch the Steelers play the Bronco's. It is supposed to snow. Because we endured flag football, we know what to take with us! Hahaha