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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Camping in Heber!!

We decided to go camping in Heber last weekend!
Ashley took this picture for me. Josh had just leveled the trailor .It was really cold when we got there. I was glad I brought a winter coat.

The boy's had so much fun shooting at squirrels with their sling shots.

After Josh cooked us dinner we went to see Connor and Dylan. They were home from Kansas. Kenny is their selling security systems for the summer. Their birthdays are next month so we let them open the presents early. Connor got that cool shark floaty from us for part of his gift. He is going to be 4, and Dylan is going to be 6.We went to Smiths to get drinks. I told Hunter to go get a cart.... this is what he came back with. Haha! We have short buses in Emery County but not carts. Ha Ha!

On Friday the weather was finally nice, so we met Janae, Kolbie, my dad, Rach, and her boys. And a bunch of Janae's family and friends at the Serca pool in Orem. It was way fun!
I am so glad that Janae was home for the week from Chicago. Kevin is selling security systems there.

Super cute picture of Kolbie, Josh, and Ashley!

My handsome boys!

Shari (Janae's cute mom), Janae, my dad and Kolbie!


Hunter was showing us how he can do a front flip off the diving board. Very Cool!

Cousins playing!

Janae and Connor!

Dylan showing us the scary shark we gave Connor!

Grandma and Grandpa Behling came up to camp with us Friday night. After we ate dinner we went to play golf at the Wasatch Golf course. When we got back the kids played with Grandpas horseshoes. Stephen got sun burned on his face. Can anyone tell?

On Saturday it was not very nice weather so we drove to Park City to shop at the outlets. We had way too much fun. The awesome thing is that I am almost done school shopping! Yay!!! Later that night we took the kids bowling. Ashley got a strike! Josh was able to get a picture of it.
Us waiting for the kids to get done!

Group photo!

Grandma beat all of us..

We went back to roast marshmallows at camp!
Hunter, Grandma, and Grandpa!
We had the best fire ever. It's a fire that is ran off of propane. It has real looking flames and everything. The best part is that when you head to bed for the night we just shut it off and no one smelled like camp fire. We roasted Marshmallows both Friday and Saturday night while we waited for Josh to make dutch oven desserts. YUM!
We had so much fun.... can't wait to do it again!!

Weekend in Manti!

The kids had so much fun even though the weather was not very nice. They helped grandpa mow the lawn played with Christine's friend Todd, and of course.... sat in the hot tub.
Here they come!!!!!

There they go! It lasted about 10 min and then grandpa had had enough.. ha ha. He did let Hunter edge his lawn with the weedeater.

Todd played the Playstation with Max and Stephen. Bailey and Ashley just wouldn't leave the poor kid alone. They wanted him to play hide and seek with them, or thow them up high in the air. They would follow him around and sit next to him or on him. I finally had to tell Ashley she could look at Todd but not touch him. Ha ha. I wonder if he will come around again?!!

Miss Sanpete send off party!

On friday the 12th of June we went to watch my sister run thru all the things she would be doing at Miss Utah. The kids came to watch- run though the MHS auditorium.. They were REALLY excited about the treats and lemon water grandma had brought for refreshments. She did a great job for us that night. She does an amazing dance for her talent. At Miss Utah she won the swimsuit preliminary on thursday night. She didn't make top 10 but we are all so proud of her.
Notice my "Christine Cox" pin on my shirt.

Christine, Todd, and my dad!

Jenny, Me, and my Mom!

Bailey, Elle (Daughter of Christine's pagent directors), Ashley, and Brookelle.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Boy scout fishing trip!

Nice Tiger Trout fish Hunter!!
Hunter and Josh went fishing with the scouts at Willow Lake on Ferron mountain! It was really cold... but they were able to catch a few.

OOOOPS! Hunter dropped this one in the dirt!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Hunter loves his grandpa's new tractor!

Hunter has been loving that his grandpa bought a tractor. Every day at about 4:30 he starts to ask what time it is, and If he can ride his bike around the block? I finally figured out it is to see if his grandpa is home from work. He can't wait to run over there to see if he needs Hunter's help. He has been helping his uncle Peter rip out some trees in his yard. I walked over to his house the other night and there was Hunter running the tractor and Peter and grandpa were by the tree telling him what to do to dig up the roots of the tree so they could pull it out!
Here Hunter is unloading the tiller attachment by the fence in our backyard. There is land on both sides of our house that the tractor will be used to level and till up the dirt. Hunter has told me that when they don't have things to do with the tractor grandpa said he can maybe just dig holes and fill them back in on the lot to the west of out house. Maybe we could have a hole digging contest..... anyone interested? haha

Hunter is so excited that he can drive the tractor and can run the backhoe!

Hunter says he is saving his money for a tractor of his own. Since it will take him too long to save for the same one grandpa has... he said he will buy a smaller one. He wants to have his own little business and do jobs for people so he can make money.. haha. He will probably do it. He is so ambitious, and such a hard worker.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I asked Ashley to strike a pose so she took off her mitt! Whatever right!!! My dad always told me. "It doesn't matter how well you play the sport as long as you look good doing it." Thanks dad your the best! hahaha I think Ashley looks pretty good. Mission accomplished!
Best cousins! They are loving t-ball! Bailey is so awesome at running to get the ball every time it is hit. The coach has them all stand on rubber squares so they kind of know their positions. Ashley doesn't think that she can leave hers. So she never tries to get the ball. It's always funny when they hit the ball and then they are not quite sure what to do. I think that some of them are more excited about the treat they get after the game. I guess it's a good thing they only play 2 innings!!! I love t-ball because the score is not kept and our team always wins. Yay!!!
Bailey striking her pose! Bailey can't remember her coaches name so she just call's him "that farmer guy." haha

The new Aquatic Park in Castle Dale!

The kids have been a few times to the water park and they just can't get enough. They think that it is so much fun!
Stephen, Brookelle, Hunter, and Max!

Ashley is going down the slide!
Hey Ash!
After about an hour and a half Bailey was tired. She came over and wanted to take a nap. (I was feeling the same way but it was way to hot to lay in the sun! haha!)