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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ashley is registered for Kindergarton!

Tuesday Ashley went to the Elementary school to register. She thought she was going to start that day. So you can imagine how disappointing it was for her when she found out she wasn't. They checked her ears and eyes and she was given stickers that said she passed the tests.
Later that night she was showing Josh her stickers and telling him all about it. He said "Good Job Ash, looks like you don't have a lazy eye!" I said "Nope no lazy eyes, just arms and legs." (Because she doesn't like to pick up any mess she makes.) She said "Nuh uh mom, they tested those too!"
I just love the funny things kids say!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Game Time at Trafalga!

Hunter and Stephen scored lots of tickets.
Stephen is such a funny kid. He loves video games! His favorite at an arcade is the games that have the claw. (Like the one he standing in front of.) He is either really lucky or really skilled! He is pretty good at getting stuff from them. He grabbed this AWESOME elmo hat out of the machine.

Josh and Ashley getting ready for Dance Revolution!
Turns out- none of us are good at it. Imagine that!

With the tickets the kids won, they got amazing prizes. No... not really. But they had a ton of fun!

Valentine's Weekend!!

Because Valentine's Day happened to fall on a weekend, we decided to take the kids to do something fun! My birthday is also on Valentine's Day so Josh took me shopping. He bought me lots of clothes, a pair of shoes, and new pajamas. We went to lunch, took the kids to play golf at Trafalga, and watched the movie Mall Cop. I love Ashley's facial expressions for the camera. She had a lot of fun golfing even though this picture made it look like it was painful!! Ha Ha

Hunter won, 2nd was Josh, 3rd me, 4th Ashley, and 5th Stephen.
Yes! Stephen is a sore loser.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The newest addition to the Cox family!

We went to see Kolbie on Saturday! She is almost a week old in these pictures. She looks so tiny next to my kids. Hunter looks so cute holding her. She was awake the whole hour we were there visiting. She even had the hiccups. She sounded like a squeeky toy. It was way cute!!

Ashely is so excited about her new Cousin. She held her several times and did not want ANY help. She is 5 now you know!! Ha Ha

Ashley, Me, Kolbie, and Janae!!

Lunch at the Brick Oven!

We ate lunch at Brick Oven before we went to see our newest family member (Kolbie)!! We visited with Grandma, and Christine.

There was a guy wandering around making balloon stuff. Hunter and Stephen wanted Transformers and Ashley wanted a penguin.

Josh and Ashley wearing their Steeler clothing to show support!