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Friday, July 24, 2009

Max's Baptism!

Almost all of the Cox grandchildren! We were missing Kolbie!

After Max's baptism we had a yummy dinner at the church, and then went to swim at our house!

Christine and Todd!

They asked it they could live in the playhouse after they were married, but I said no! Haha
I am so glad that we were able to hang out!

Lake Powell!

We went to lake Powell July 27-29th! My kids love to go to Lake Powell!!
Hunter, Shelby, and Ashley waiting to launch the boat in the lake!

Ashley and Emalee!
Peter and Audra's new boat!
Stephen, Grandpa, and Hunter trying to bury their legs in the sand!
Josh trying to get wet to cool off!
Shelby, Hunter, and Ashley!
Blowing up the water weenie!

Setting up the shade tent!
Emalee and Ashley playing!

Audra, Shelby, Grandma, and Grandpa!

My handsome boys!
Hunter being buried!
Stephen being buried!
Hunter taking a sand-mud bath!
Ashley catching some air!
Ashley doing a back flip!
Hunter doing a back flip!
Grandpa taking a turn to be buried!
Josh being buried!
Hunter and Stephen learned to pull theirselves up in the water so we wouldn't have to take them back to the shore to be started.

Water fight!
Josh and Stephen !

Hunter driving the boat!
Stephen driving the boat!
Hunter and Grandpa!

July 11 2009!

I asked Connor who was going to be having a birthday soon and he raised his hand. He turned 4 on July 20th. He is so cute! He loves his uncle Josh. He told his mom that he couldn't wait to see Josh so he could punch him in the throat, and kick him in the back. Haha. He would walk up to Josh and hit him and then run off with his chest puffed out like he is a macho man. So cute!
We had a really fun day planned for Seven Peaks, but, the weather did not coperate. It started to rain so we had a change of plan. We met in a parking lot by the water park to try to decide what to do. You can tell that some of them were not happy that we couldn't go. (Like Hunter and Stephen.)

Connor showed me his knife. Very scary Connor!

We ate lunch at Brick Oven. It was Josh's birthday too.

We had a room all to ourselves so when the little kids were acting like kitty's we could just laugh at them.
After lunch we headed to watch Ice Age in 3D. We all looked pretty hot in our glasses!

Stephen was being a gangster!
For Josh's birthday he took his truck to Heber to have a lift, new tires, and rims put on his truck. He is so happy about it. It is a little harder to get in and out of but he loves it. Little Spunky Connor thought it was a MONSTER TRUCK. Compared to his size it kind of is. Haha!

Brookelle and Tasha came for a visit!

Tasha and Brookelle came to visit. Hunter, Stephen, and Ashley had so much fun with her. She would repeat anything we would say. She is very cute! Hunter pulled all of the kids in Grandpa's Wagon.
Eating popsicles in Grandmas swing.

Brookelle climbing on her mommy!
She was very impressed with Josh's "KITTY".
This is one very big "Kitty".

We can't wait for Brookell and Tasha to come visit us again!