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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Here is Ashley and Bailey playing dress up at Brett and Jenny's House.
Super cute girls!!! Nice poses!!
Here all of the kids are hoding up their favorite colored egg.

Coloring Easter Eggs!

The first day of Spring Break the kids were anxious to decorate their Easter eggs. They made marble colored eggs, camo eggs, glitter eggs, etc... They had lots of fun!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Stephen!

Stephen turnd 9 on April 4th!

Conference Weekend!

Between sessions we had dinner at my house! Here is Hunter showing us his dance moves!
He is actually pretty good!
Both Grandma's hanging out with the little girls!

Group photo!

This is what Grandpa does best at my house! ha ha

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Getting ready for Kolbie's blessing!

My family
We are at Kenin and Janae's Townhouse in American Fork. My boys love to play Kevin's playstation.

Josh is such a great uncle! He helped to feed her before we put on her beautiful dress.
Cute Connor is in the background!
The kids loved playing with Kolbie's toys.
Bailey, Ashley and Dylan.

Johnny and Christine! Awww cute!

Dinner at Iggy's!

Yummy food and great basketball games on the tv's all over the place to watch.

Pinwood Derby!

Here is a picture of Stephen with his 2nd place ribbon, and Hunter with his 3rd place ribbon. Their friend Gavin took 1st. They had really fast cars! They were within 400ths of a second of each other. They did awesome considering there were 36 boys they raced against.
They raced the cars alphabetically, the other 2 boys in their group were not there so it was brother against brother. The boys cars were close to the same so it's a good thing they almost tied each round. (Way to go Josh! Thanks for making..... I mean help make the boys cars.) Hunter and Stephen were waiting at the end to see who would win.

Look at all those cars on the table ready to be raced!