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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Olivia Claire's Blessing!

We all went to Heber to Olivia's baby blessing! After we went to a really cool place for lunch! It was so good to see family and visit!

Meet baby McCoy!

McKoy was born on January 24th! We went to Manti the 25th to meet him! My brother Kevin and sis-in-law Janae have their hands full
Kolbie turned 1 on January 25th!
I know how hard it is! Stephen and Hunter were only 11 months apart.
So Ashley's birthday is the 23rd, McCoy's is the 24th, and Kolbie's is the 25th. PARTY! haha!

Ashley's 6th birthday!

I never thought that there would be a pile of snow big enough in my front yard to sled on. Here is the proof. Josh went out and shoveled it away from the house. We are trying to prevent water problems in our basement.

Ashley had a great birthday! She had a party with her friends, then her family. She got so many things.

Hunter's Snow Hut!

This winter we have had soooooo much snow! I have not blogged for a while but Hunter was so proud of this, and made me take a picture. It is covered up now because we have had several snow storms since. I can't wait for spring!