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Wednesday, December 31, 2008


The kids went sledding with their cousins on the Church hill.

Hunter is eating a snow sandwich. I am glad its white with no yellow!

Hunter, Ashley, and Britanee

Stephen, Kasidee, and Ashley!

Fun with family!

Hunter and grandpa wathching the little kids open their gifts.
Some of the little girl cousins! Brookelle, Ashley, Emalee, and Katee.

The boys played football and basketball in the gym before dinner and opening presents.

Tuesdee, and Tasha's families were able to come. The cousins had alot of fun together!

Christmas Day!

The kids got snokel gear to use at Lake Powell or whenever they go swimming. Stephen came out to show us. He had his goggles upside down. He changed them before I could get a picture but it was way funny.

Ashely got gymnastic mats, clothes, Bratz, make-up, boots, a Hello Kitty CD player, cd's and lots of other little things.

Stephen and Hunter got 22 guns, bullets, hunting clothes, Xbox and Wii games. They got shoes, and marshmello guns. Stephen got a new Steeler Jersey and helmet, some Playmobil toys and lots of other boy stuff.
Grandma and Grandpa Cox gave them scopes for their new guns, bullets and targets for shooting, their Christmas Eve pajamas and a book. Ashley got clothes, and a couple of different sets of plastic fuse beads. She is really into them! She makes all kinds of different things.

Hunter showing us his new scope. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Cox

Brookelle, Stephen, Ashley, and Bailey.
Later that day the cousins came to play. They had fun showing us tricks on the mats!

Unwrapping Christmas Presents at Grandma and Grandpa's House

I posted this picture because Stephen was looking. He is horrible to let me take pictures of him.
This is cute picture of my HANDSOME Josh holding Shelby. She is still to little to be afraid of her uncle Josh. It kinda looks like she is even smiling.

Ashley got this cute puppet and some other things!

Stephen and Hunter got lots of cool things too. I got a steamer, (to clean my house. I have been wanting one.) Josh got a heater to use in his shed or wherever. Its cool because we can also hook it up to propane to work. We also got clothes and books, and a gift certificate to Red Lobster. Yum!

Christmas Eve

Emalee, me, and Ashley
Baby Shelby looks thrilled that her cousin Hunter is Holding her! Ha

After a yummy turkey dinner at Grandma and Grandpa Behling's we played a fun game. Each gift that was there was wrapped several times. Everyone takes turnes rolling two dice. When you roll a doube on your turn you get to open a gift of your choice. When you unwrap the gift on its last paper wrap it's yours. I won two of the four gifts. I got a really cute Polly Pocket doll with a car, and a water shooter for Lake powell. I have to give credit to my Bunko dice rolling skills. It really paid off for this game. Ha Ha! Audra ended up with a Chipmunk Christmas CD and Peter got a game.

Oh! Look at my cute family.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ashley's Pre-school Christmas Program

Ashley and Bailey did a great job in their program. They sang a lot of songs, they even used sign language for one of the songs. They used a big parachute for a part in the program. They were awesome! Grandma Cox, and Grandma and Grandpa Behling were able to come watch. Santa was a special visitor. Ashley asked for new clothes, make-up, (how old is she) boots, and a bubblegum machine. I know that Bailey wants Sleepin' BOOTY, (not Beauty) a prince, and a COOL car for them so they can go on a date. Bailey had to have mascara put on that morning so we could see her eyelashes from the stands. Thanks Bailey, It really did make a difference. Ha Ha! Can you imagine these two when they are teenagers?

Two beautiful little princesses!!

Gingerbread House

Every year we make a gingerbread house. The kids think that its great! I like the little ones so that they don't take up as much space, and they are quicker to decorate. When it's done they always want to know when they can eat it. They ask this every year. After Christmas they try it, they think it's gross and we throw it away!
Josh is doing an amazing job with frosting. The kids are good decorators.
The kids are so excited for dad to get the frosting on so that they can decorate. They always fight over spots to stand closest.

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008!

It has been a while since I posted last. Sorry! The boy's have been hunting and trapping. I could post more pictures, but, I think we have enough of those. For Thanksgiving this year me, Josh, and his parents went to Oahu, Hawaii. We flew out November 25th to San Fransico, then on to Hawaii. We Stayed up on the North Shore at the Turtle Bay Resort. It was very nice and right next to the ocean. Wednesday we headed to see the Pearl Harbor Monument. That was very sad! Then we went over to swap meet at the Hawaii Stadium. There were all kinds of different things for sale. After we spent a good chunk of money we headed to the Dole Plantation to see how they are grown. We had yummy pineapple icecream for a treat. They had a jewlery counter there where you could open clams for pearls. Diane and I ended up with a neclace and 2 pairs of earrings each. They definalely know how to get your money. We got black, yellow, pink, and white pearls between the 2 of us. It was pretty cool to see what color we would get, and if there were 1 or 2 pearls in each. We both got 2 sets of TWINS... that's how we ended up with 2 pair of earrings. The next day was Thanksgiving we went snorkeling with the pretty fish and even a sea turtle. It was way fun. We at a Thanksgiving buffet at the resort. (At $44 a person it might have been the most expensive dinner I have ever had on Thanksgiving. ) After dinner it was off or a game of golf at the George Fazio Course. (I guess a lot of Pro tounaments are held there.) Friday we went to the Hawaii Temple and went thrugh a session in the morning, and then spent the rest of the day at the Polynesion Center. That was very cool. We went to te luau there for dinner. Saturday we went down to Honolulu and went to the mall. It is huge! 4 levels and a lot of very expensive stores. Later that day we went on the submarine Atlantis and saw lots of pretty fish and even 2 small white sharks. We ate dinner at a buffet that had a huge aquarium with sting rays, eels,and all kinds of fish. It was very cool! We headed home Sunday. We only missed exits a couple of times and that is when we saw the really steep mtn. they looked like they were growing moss because they are so green. The spped limit is like 40 there. It would take us an hour to go 30 miles. They are very laid back there. The pro surfing contest for the pipeline was being filmed while we were there so it was fun to see the huge waves and all the people gathered to watch. Hawaii is a very beautiful place and we saw lots of cool things but I was ready to get back home. The kids stayed with my parents. They had so much fun they didn't even miss us. Thanks Mom and Dad and all of my family that helped out. I Love you! To see pictures of my kids Thanksgiving fun you can link to Kevin and Janae's Blog, or my Brother Kenny and Rachel's Blog.
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