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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hunter and Stephens first Elk!!

As we come to an end of another hunting season you never know what kind of opportunity's will present themselves. I was lucky enough to be in the right place and have a good friend which helped make this all come about. In the fall I help guide on Castle Valley Ranch where as luck would have it they have a high fenced area that is home to 4 bull elk. Do to some strange events the owners decided to do away with the elk inside of the fence. Which is when the phone call came to see if i would like to let the boys come out and take there 1st big game animal. As you can see we were sucessfull. I didn't think getting the boys set up and helping them pick out the right bull would be that hard I was wrong. Once we got set up it was 1,2,3 fire.The bull was hit and then the excitment began. as I help to reload Stephens gun I turned to see Hunter back on his shotting sticks ready to go as the bull turn towards us Hunter squeezed the trigger and the bull went down. The boys had done it I wish every one could have seen the excitment. They were the two happest boys in the world!!
What a way to end another hunting season I couldn't have been happier with this years hunts and the funny thing is I never killed anything with horns.That goes to show how much fun you can have taking your wife and kids out.
The boys also were able to pass hunters safety this summer so there excited for this Saturday which will be the opening day of the pheasant hunt. Now they are official hunters so we'll see how they do.

Flag Football

Bookelle, Ashley, Bailey and Hunter.
We have been going to flag football games every week for the past 2 months. Stephen's team is the Bronco's, Hunter's team is the Raven's. They play 2 games each at the Huntington Ball Complex every Thursday. So we were there FREEZING from 5 to 9. Hunter's team took 3 place at the tournament last week. They lost their game by only 2 points... they had only 2 losses the whole season. They were awesome! Hunter and Stephen both scored several touchdowns and intercepted the football throughout the season. Stephen's team didn't win very many games... Ha Ha! but they had a blast playing. Stephen and his cousin Max had fun playing together on the same team. Max was awesome at pulling flags!!
Josh and Ashley were awesome cheerleaders!
(Doesn't Josh look so cute? I love it when he smiles! I told him that I
wouldn't blog any pictures of him not smiling.)


Stephen looks ready!

My Cute Nieces!

These are Peter's (Josh's brother) little girls. Shelby is a few weeks old
in this picture. Emily is 2 and lots of help I'm sure.... Emily is my little buddy, she sits on my lap every Sunday at church. She is so cute!

Monday, October 13, 2008

California Trip July 2008

My Flowers

Here is Ashley in front of her playhouse. It's so cute right!? She never plays in it.
It's a good thing I took pictures a couple of days ago of some of my flowerbeds. They froze last night. I dumped all of my pots a month ago but here is some of what's left. I love flowers and the work that goes with it. But, I am always glad at this time in the year. It gives me a good break from weeding.

I am so glad that I have Ashley to pose in all of my pictures! Ha Ha.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Girl Fun

While the boys were off hunting we were having our own fun. Me and Jenny got our nails done!Christine put makeup on the little girls and show us around the myspace world. Tine and Rach were so lucky to have the little girls do their hair!!

General Conference Weekend

Britanee, Ashley, Emalee, Kassidee and Zoee.
Josh's sister Tuesdee came home from Arizona for a few days with her husband Ben and their 4 girls. They had fun in Grandma's backyard looking at the neighbors horses after we had dinner.

My family came to visit too!!

Hunter and Stephen showing my brother Kenny's boys how to work rockets. They had lots of fun. Josh and Kenny took all the boys out to shoot a doe on his aunts farm. While they were waiting they saw a skunk and decided to shoot it. That was the highlight for Connor. He is Kenny's 2 year old. When he got home he kept saying, "I saw a skunk. Uncle Josh shot a skunk." He is so cute! Hunter, Stephen, and Max wanted to help drag the deer to the truck. It had been raining all day and they were soaked. They love everything about Hunting.

My Sister Christine came with Kenny and Rach. She lives in Orem and is going to Bon Lossee Beauty School. She has completed about a month, only 11 more to go.

Grandma brought Halloween crafts for the kids to do. It kept them busy and they had fun.

Kenny brought Iron Man. Everyone went downstairs to catch the big money movie.

Muzzleloader Deer Hunt

Here is a Picture of Hunter helping grandpa get his wheeler ramps out.
We camped up Emery Mountain with our friends. We had a big group of Hunters with us. Josh's parents and brother Peter came with us. Peter shot a nice 4 point, about 23 inches. Ask Josh or Peter the story about it. It's really funny!! The kids had a blast. They love to go hunting and camping.
Stephen and Josh getting ready to head up the mountain.

It was very pretty on the mountain. All of the leaves were staring to change.

Ferron Peach Days

Peach Days Is the biggest event of the year in Ferron. We always start the day off with a parade. Here is a photo of Josh's mom, dad, brother Peter, his wife Audra, and their daughter Emalee. She had baby Shelby on Sept. 19th. After the parade we went to the Mayor's Park to play. The kids chased after greased pigs, played on all the inflateable slides, and rock climbed. There is always horse races and a derby at the fairgrounds after. The derby here only has maybe 8 cars in it. If you have ever been to one of the entertaining Sanpete County derby's this one would not be as cool. Ha Ha.
Ashley, Brookelle, Jenny and Bailey sitting on the grass waiting for the boys to chase the pigs.
Max and Stephen waiting their turn.
All of the kids rock climbed, but here is a picture of Hunter.