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Friday, February 10, 2012

Ashley's Birthday!

Happy 8th Birthday Ashley! We had  had lots of fun! I bought Build a Bear kits at Kmart. The girls played games to earn "Birthday Tokens". The games; Birthday bingo, freeze dance, musical chairs, pin the tail on the donkey, they had to color a cute wood magnet from Joanns, draw the friend sitting next to them on a balloon, and play the game where you try to roll doubles with dice and then suck M&M's with a straw from a bowl and put them in their own cup. After they collected all the "Birthday Tokens" they could shop at the Birthday Store.  That's where they bought all the stuff to make their bears. (Unstuffed bear, stuffing, dress, birth certificate, needle, thread, and bag for their bear.) It was hilarious they way they wanted their bears stuffed. Some girls worried about their bears being too fat. Some wanted them to be fat. Sarah (the friend in blue next to Ashely) didn't want her bear to have stuffing in it's head. Haha! Ashley opened her presents. She opened them in the order of who won the games because there wasn't a prize for game winners, everyone got a birthday token regardless. They ate rainbow cupcakes, they were so good that everyone ate 2! We had 2 hours of fun (and a lot of caos)! I love you Ashley!

I told her she could have any cake she wanted. I would buy her a cake, bake her a cake, whatever. She chose a simple Jello cake. This is her dads favorite cake too.
She got lots of Birthday gift. Money from cousin, aunts, uncles, and grandma and grandpa Cox. Grandma and Grandpa Behling gave her a cute shirt and an American Girl craft kit. Josh and I gave her clothes, Mario Cart for the Wii,steerling wheels for the game, and other little things. SOOO spoiled!
Thanks to Pintrest we found a recipe for these rainbow cupcakes. Ashley helped me mix them. 

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Grandma N Grandpa said...

Ashley...Looks like a fun birthday party :) That is so cute you wanted your dad's favorite cake too :)